Cheesecake Hints and Tips 2

Cheesecake Hints and Tips 2 is the second article written to provide you, the cook, with some helpful ideas when making cheesecake. Cheesecake Hints and Tips (1) is also available on this site.

- Cheesecake Ingredients and Substitutions

Contrary to what some believe, cheesecake does not have to be a difficult and daunting task. Nor should it be intimidating. Seeing the end result of a perfectly made dessert is worth the effort of following some simple guidelines.

• Read your recipe all the way through before you start. That way you will know that you have all the required ingredients at hand and you can prepare it well in advance taking into account cooking and/or chilling times.

• Gather and measure out all your ingredients before you start. Put the ingredients in order of when they will be used. That way, the actual making process will be smooth and easy without having to hunt around in the fridge or cupboard for that elusive ingredient that you discover you do not have!!

• Whenever possible, use fresh ingredients. They will give your cheesecake a lighter and fresher taste. However, if you cannot get fresh ingredients, use whatever is available. For example, the taste of fresh lemon juice is much nicer that pre packaged juice as the pre packaged one has water added.

• If you wish, you can use less expensive, generic brands such as chocolate, however, there is a difference in taste. Keep this in mind as it will affect the end result of your cheesecake. For example, making a cheesecake for a horde of teenagers probably means that you could get away with using generic brands, however, if you wish to impress guests at a dinner party, definitely go with genuine, good quality ingredients.

• It is absolutely fine to substitute some ingredients when making cheesecake. For example, if you are making a recipe with strawberries but would prefer blueberries then by all means use them. Similarly with nuts, substitute with whatever your heart desires.

• Similarly with liquid ingredients, if you wish to substitute for a different flavour go right ahead, however, ensure you are using the same amount as stated in the recipe i.e. one tablespoon of vanilla instead of one tablespoon of almond essence.

• When using cream cheese, open the foil packaging and allow it to soften prior to use. It is also a good idea to cut the cream cheese into small blocks. This makes it easier to beat.

• When beating cream cheese, make sure it is completely smooth before adding any other ingredients.

• Allow all ingredients to come to room temperature before starting to make your cheesecake including eggs. This will result in a smoother and creamier cheesecake at the end.

• When decorating your finished cheesecake, your imagination is the only limitation. You can decorate with anything. Some ideas include fresh fruit, chocolate curls, mint, whipped cream, any sweet sauce such as caramel or chocolate, candies/lollies, etc.

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